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Navigating Medicaid is always fast, simple, and digital with Fortuna. Available in multiple languages.
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Then easily enroll and renew on Medicaid - personalized to your situation.

We help you navigate Medicaid

There are many reasons why you or your loved ones might qualify for Medicaid coverage. We help every step of the way.
If you're pregnant or divorced
If you have a disability
If your immigration status changed
If you’re moving to a new home
If you’re elderly or need long-term care
If you turned 19 or 26
If you lost employment
If you’re formerly incarcerated

Finally, enrollment and renewal in one place

No more paper Medicaid forms, long call wait times, and lost recertification notices.

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For you and your household - in under 90 seconds

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A simple, fast experience custom to your situation

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If you still have questions...

Medicaid and state-sponsored health insurance can be confusing so we’ve tried in plain language to answer common questions.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid ?

Medicare is health insurance that generally covers people aged 65+. Medicaid covers people of all ages if you make below a certain income or face hardship based on other circumstances like disability.
Fortuna focuses on Medicaid. If you need Medicare support, we can help you dual-enroll.

Can I use Fortuna to renew my Medicaid coverage?

Yes. We make it easy to renew on Medicaid.

With a dedicated, licensed navigator and our automations, you'll never miss a Medicaid-related notification from the state or county.

What if I need help?

You can contact us through email If we have any questions regarding your application, a Fortuna navigator will be in touch.

Why would I apply through Fortuna Health?ᅠ

Filling out government forms can be confusing and stressful. And with the state working overtime to keep their websites and team running, glitches and lags in the system are understandable.
We built Fortuna so that you don’t need to deal with that. Spend 10 minutes working on your enrollment and even less with renewals.

We take care of the rest with the state.

Do I need to come to Fortuna through an insurance company or doctor?

Yes. If you want help with your Medicaid application or renewal form from Fortuna, we need to coordinate with your doctor or insurance company. Please contact us at

What is Medicaid ?

Medicaid is $0 or low-cost health insurance covered by the government. Eligibility varies by factors like state, household size, and income.

How can I apply for Medicaid ?

You can apply for Medicaid directly with the state or with the help of licensed healthcare navigators like Fortuna.
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Why should I trust Fortuna?

Every Fortuna navigator who works on your account is certified and licensed to enroll you with the state. Our platform is built for and by Medicaid members based on our lived experiences.
We support several languages like Spanish, Mandarin, and Russian.
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