Empowering providers with full-service Medicaid support

Fortuna’s technology helps providers and patients manage ongoing Medicaid eligibility, enrollment, and recertification all on one seamless platform.

Maximize revenue and value-based arrangements

25M+ Medicaid patients are in shared savings and VBC arrangements. Managing risk is difficult enough without uncompensated care and Medicaid churn. Fortuna helps with:

Ongoing eligibility screenings for simple and complex scenarios
3rd-party integrations for fast and secure application completion
Guided navigation support in 7 languages, with more on the way
Visibility into account statuses and incomplete steps
SMS notifications for action items like recert and document upload

Providers we serve

Health Systems and Primary Care

and Substance Abuse

Dialysis and
Kidney Care


Maternity and

Geriatrics, Nursing, and
Home Care


Emergency Transportation Services

Consumer-first products

75%+ of Medicaid churn is caused by procedural issues like missing a recertification notice. It should be simpler to navigate Medicaid. That's why Fortuna can be used self-serve by a patient or as a tool to supercharge entitlement and enrollment teams.

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