For your patients, navigating Medicaid is always fast, simple, and digital with Fortuna.

Loved by patients!

24/7 chat. Available in multiple languages.
A trusted Medicaid navigator in your pocket.
47 years, New York
Applying for Medicaid on Fortuna was really easy! It took me ten minutes and then they updated me on my application constantly. Highly recommend.
26 years, New York
I didn’t even know I qualified for Medicaid but after talking to Fortuna, they answered all my questions, screened, and applied for me in a few minutes. I would never have known how to do Medicaid myself.
43 years, Minnesota
My adult child has learning difficulties and is on the spectrum. I’ve known that I wanted to help my adult child apply for Medical Assistance ever since they turned 18- but I have put it off. I obtained a Fortuna QR code from my clinic. I thought I’d give it a shot! IT WAS AWESOME. All done on my cell... 100% would recommend.
38 years, Minnesota
I started an application months ago for Medicaid but the process and forms were ridiculous. It could be a full-time job filling out those forms.

I'm glad I had Fortuna... they made it so easy!
33 years, New York
My Fortuna navigator was a lifesaver. My family had medical bills that I couldn't pay and we needed to renew Medicaid. Fortuna quickly sorted it out.

Now we can actually go the doctor without worrying. Thanks Fortuna!!

Maximize revenue and retention

90M+ Medicaid patients face challenges with enrolling and renewing. Don't let Medicaid churn and uncompensated care impact outcomes.
Fortuna offers:
Ongoing eligibility screenings
For simple and complex scenarios, updated with new requirements.
3rd-party integrations
For fast and secure application completion.
Real-time visibility
Into account statuses and incomplete steps.
SMS & email notifications
For action items like recert and document upload.

Guided navigation
With multi-lingual support by chat, SMS, and phone.
Provider attribution
Tied to enrollment that protects value-based contracts.

Consumer-first enrollment and renewal in one place

No more paper Medicaid forms, long call wait times, and lost recertification notices.

30-second eligibility screening

Fast enrollment
and renewal

Redirect to other plans and financial options

Providers we serve

Hospitals and
Health Systems
Primary Care
Behavioral Health
Kidney Care
Maternity and OBGYN
Geriatrics, Nursing,
and Home Care
Emergency Transportation Services

Want to offer Medicaid navigation to your patients?

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